There is a comfortable arrangement of sleeping bed's and the window and the ventilation facilities for the bedroom's, we also provide as per the customer request for their convenient like single room,

2sharing,3sharing,4sharing,6sharings are provided

We prepare good and healthy food and currie's with low faty oil's, clean and neat dining's are maintained by our staff

Sai Sree Bhuvaneswari

 Welcome to saisreebhuvaneswari site of Hostels For Working Women in Benz Circle,N.T.R Circle Vijayawada. Find ✓Paying Guest Accommodations For Women, ✓Paying Guest of accommodation in the hostel may consist of single rooms, 2/ 3/ 4-
seaters, and dormitories. The single and double-seater rooms may have bathroom-
cum-toilet, attached or as part of the common facilities. Hostel has the provision of 
modern installations and amenities

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